The creation of a scientific education system is a high quality is capable of graduating qualified human and specialized in various fields of knowledge to meet the needs of the labor market and prepares them for success in a world that demands professionalism and efficiency.


Develop programs for human cadres through outlining strategic subject for measurement and evaluation, development, and updated in the light of agreed criteria to make it more able to produce graduates qualified are able to meet the needs.


- Prepare qualified human cadres and specialized in various fields of knowledge to   meet the needs of the community.

- Provide academic and psychological and social environment. supporting for creativity and expression, innovation and talent development

The faculty was Published




on Tuesday, 25 in February / February 2014 17:26 | Print | E-mail | Visits: 560 College Additional studies established under Resolution No. (6) for the year 2003 of the Council of the university administration to take place at the seventh session after a thorough study of the requirements and needs of the stage from the age of the university and to achieve the following objectives: -.of universityconfirm the role of the university in person Red Sea State service through programs geared toward community care from a technical diploma and enroll and study at adistance

Students from the big setup care in the areas above and admission and registration of the administrative and financial supervision on them and the right climate and aids that help to increase their education and create.

coordination between the different colleges and to seek together to develop and maintain these programs to the benefit of all students and scholars.

. maintaining the university self-earned resources through additional academic programs and tighten supervision and control.

. diversifying financial sources and the development of the Faculty of self-financing sources.

. factor activating the partnership between the public and private sectors by proposing new programs of study consistent with the actual needs of the labor market.

      The college has initiated its tasks since that time, and what led them to the terms of reference and functions to reach the goals set




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